What Is Managed IT Service

Managed IT Service is outsourced business support that is billed on a monthly basis. It either replaces in-house technology support staff or supplements them as well as vendors and hardware and software purchases. Managed IT Services become the “computer guy” fixes a host of computer problems like virus removal. They also install software, are in charge of data backup and fix or set up mobile devices.

Managed IT Service vs. The Computer Guy

Businesses have changed and they continue to change but one thing stays the same, the computer guy’s job description. He or she ensures that employees and customers have access to all the IT services they require to do their job. Without this valuable computer guy most businesses could not function so there seems to be no need to change.

Money comes into play a lot of the time. Small and mid-market businesses sometimes just don’t have the budget for a larger technology support staff. The computer guy is pulled in all directions where addressing the needs of the growing business becomes more and more difficult.

What Is Managed IT Service

At one time it was very expensive to hire a technology support staff. Now there are managed services emerging with the tools and expertise to keep costs down by mitigating centrally controlled support and automation tools.

Managed IT Service or Hourly Support

IT services or hourly technical support used to be the middle ground between the business’s computer guy and the in-house technical support that the larger business employed. All the technology related problems or questions were sent to the IT consulting company for more detail you can read our blog post. which in turn sent you a nice bill for the amount of time spent on the task. In addition to being the fixer of problems, the IT companies were also the contact for hardware and software purchases. They also had dedicated technicians at the customer’s disposal whenever needed.

Services that charge by the hour only make money if the business has a problem. They are called in to fix it, send the bill and are paid. When it comes to IT services a flat-rate is charged. It can be based on the number of users, how many computers there are, the amount of sites and serves as well as other needed services. This means that more money is made when there are fewer technology related problems. This means a higher quality of support.

Some managed services will try to add labor costs for onsite service. This could be a red flag as the benefit of managed services is flat-rate billing, month-to-month. Being all too eager to send someone out to fix the problems for the extra fee will be in it for more the money than the business partnership that is dependent on quality service and trust.

There is really no difference to managed IT service as opposed to business technology support that most users are familiar with.Here is guide for managed IT Service http://www.computerweekly.com/guides/IT-services-and-managed-services-guide The biggest key is the dedicated staff and the monthly costs when compared to the quality of service. The managed service will have more experienced technicians to help deal with problems which means less downtime for the user and technology related problems.